Introduction: Brad Wilson

I work on “farm justice” issues across the internet, to help build a broad Farm AND Food Movement that emphasizes both sustainability AND distributive economic justice for farmers.  Part of this work is to better ground us all in the history of this work, in the Family Farm Movement of the past 60 years, (with roots in earlier times).  The Family Farm Movement has been a movement prioritizing “farm justice,” distributive economic justice for farmers, including minority farmers and women, both in the United States and globally.  Unfortunately, much of this earlier work is pre-internet, and not easily accessible to “Sustainable Food” or “Good Food” advocates today.

From a “farm justice” farmers point of view, (the view of long time “family farm” advocates,) the young new Food Movement is a blessing, as it is doing much great work on Food and Farm issues.  On the other hand, it has weaknesses steming from it’s inadequate contact and engagement with the older, historical Family Farm Movement.  That engagement can be challenging, but the rewards are great.  The path ahead, to our mutually shared goals of ecology, economy, community and health.


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