Here’s a list of links to my articles at this site, in chronological order.  (Note:  Occasionally I get behind on updating this Index, but the most recent articles are listed in the upper right of each page, and the “Home” button lists all of them, along with a ton of content.)

The first three were written by Family Farm activists during the 1980s.

“The Farm Policy Reform Act of 1985,”  1985, .

National Save the Family Farm Coalition, “Family Farm Act of 1987,” 1987, .

“Save the Family Farm,” 1988, .

Brad Wilson, “Cultural Leaders Are Responsible for the Collapse of Rural Culture,” Family Farm Justice, 12/17/16, (originally written circa 1996,) .

Brad Wilson, “Missing Food Movement History: Highlights of Family Farm Justice: 1950-2000,” Family Farm Justice, 5/25/16, .

Brad Wilson, “Subsidies vs Price Floors in Farm Bill History, Revised,” Family FarmJustice, 5/25/16, .

Brad Wilson, “Flawed Genius: Milestones of a Food Movement Since 2000,” Family Farm Justice, 6/10/16, .

Brad Wilson, “Expert Agroecology Report: A Farm Justice Critique,” Family Farm Justice, 6/16/16, .

Brad Wilson, “The ‘Feed the World’ Debate: 2 Reviews,” Family Farm Justice, 10/26/16,  .

Brad Wilson, “Election, Rural Vote, Donald Trump: Why and What We Need to Do,” Family Farm Justice, 11/12/16, .

This next one links to important work by Elizabeth Henderson.

Brad Wilson, “A Draft Program for All People of the Land,” Family Farm Justice, 11/15/16, .

Brad Wilson, “U.S. Strategy for Global Food Sovereignty,” Family Farm Justice, 11/26/16, .

Brad Wilson, Dear Ag Sec. Perdue, Why are Peanuts Favored over Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, and Oats?” Family Farm Justice, 7/14/17, .

Brad Wilson, “Pro-Farmer State Strategy: Reconcile Farm Justice with Sustainability,” Family Farm Justice, 7/20/17, .

Brad Wilson, “Mainstream Media Misunderstands the Farm Bill,” Family Farm Justice, 4/27/18,  .

Brad Wilson, “10 Ways the Current Farm Crisis Is Worse than the 1980s,” Family Farm Justice, 4/27/18, .

Brad Wilson, “The Harkin Compromise,” Family Farm Justice, 5/30/19, .

Brad Wilson, “Reclaiming Farm Trade Terms,” Family Farm Justice, 2/24/21,

Brad Wilson, “Progressives Need to Stop Siding with Conservatives on Water Quality,” Family Farm Justice, July 10, 2021,

Brad Wilson, “What’s the Farm Bill,” Family Farm Justice, November 16, 2021,

“1980: Culver Warns of Farm Crisis, Calls for Raising Price Floors,” March 26, 2022,

Brad Wilson, “Review: Silvia Secchi on the Farm Bill: Part 1: Synopsis,” June 14, 2022,

National Council of Churches, “Rural Crisis: A Call for Justice and Action,” July 15, 2022,

PrairieFire Rural Action and the National Council of Churches of Christ, “Church Statements on the Rural Crisis,” July 15, 2022, from : 1. “On the Status of the Family Farm,” May 12, 1983; 2. “On the Status of Black-Owned Farm Land in the U.S.,” November 11, 1983; 3. “A Call for Justice and Action,” May 17, 1984; 4. “On the Exploitation of the Rural Crisis by Extremist Organizations,” November 8, 1985; 5. “Save The Family Farm Act of 1986,” November 6, 1986; 6. “Resolution on the ‘Christian Identity’ Movement,” November 6, 1986,

Brad Wilson, “You Can’t Fix Sustainability Without Justice,” Family Farm Justice, 7/31/22,

Brad Wilson, “Jesse Jackson: A New Direction in Farm Policy,” Family Farm Justice, 8/11/22,

Brad Wilson, “Jesse Jackson and Rural America: Together We All Win,” 8/11/22,

Brad Wilson, “Family Farm Justice Movement Literacy Test,” Family Farm Justice, 9/15/22,

Brad Wilson, “Inflation Talking Points,” Family Farm Justice, 10/24/22,