Here’s a list of links to my articles at this site, in chronological order.  (Note:  Occasionally I get behind on updating this Index, but the most recent articles are listed in the upper right of each page, and the “Home” button lists all of them, along with a ton of content.)

The first three were written by Family Farm activists during the 1980s.

“The Farm Policy Reform Act of 1985,”  1985, .

National Save the Family Farm Coalition, “Family Farm Act of 1987,” 1987, .

“Save the Family Farm,” 1988, .

Brad Wilson, “Cultural Leaders Are Responsible for the Collapse of Rural Culture,” Family Farm Justice, 12/17/16, (originally written circa 1996,) .

Brad Wilson, “Missing Food Movement History: Highlights of Family Farm Justice: 1950-2000,” Family Farm Justice, 5/25/16, .

Brad Wilson, “Subsidies vs Price Floors in Farm Bill History, Revised,” Family FarmJustice, 5/25/16, .

Brad Wilson, “Flawed Genius: Milestones of a Food Movement Since 2000,” Family Farm Justice, 6/10/16, .

Brad Wilson, “Expert Agroecology Report: A Farm Justice Critique,” Family Farm Justice, 6/16/16, .

Brad Wilson, “The ‘Feed the World’ Debate: 2 Reviews,” Family Farm Justice, 10/26/16,  .

Brad Wilson, “Election, Rural Vote, Donald Trump: Why and What We Need to Do,” Family Farm Justice, 11/12/16, .

This next one links to important work by Elizabeth Henderson.

Brad Wilson, “A Draft Program for All People of the Land,” Family Farm Justice, 11/15/16, .

Brad Wilson, “U.S. Strategy for Global Food Sovereignty,” Family Farm Justice, 11/26/16, .

Brad Wilson, Dear Ag Sec. Perdue, Why are Peanuts Favored over Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, and Oats?” Family Farm Justice, 7/14/17, .

Brad Wilson, “Pro-Farmer State Strategy: Reconcile Farm Justice with Sustainability,” Family Farm Justice, 7/20/17, .

Brad Wilson, “Mainstream Media Misunderstands the Farm Bill,” Family Farm Justice, 4/27/18,  .

Brad Wilson, “10 Ways the Current Farm Crisis Is Worse than the 1980s,” Family Farm Justice, 4/27/18, .

Brad Wilson, “The Harkin Compromise,” Family Farm Justice, 5/30/19, .

Brad Wilson, “Reclaiming Farm Trade Terms,” Family Farm Justice, 2/24/21,

Brad Wilson, “Progressives Need to Stop Siding with Conservatives on Water Quality,” Family Farm Justice, July 10, 2021,

Brad Wilson, “What’s the Farm Bill,” Family Farm Justice, November 16, 2021,